Inês Veiga Pereira

"Interior design's main goal is to contribute to people's happiness. My desire is that clients come into their home and feel happy and at peace. My role is to lead them to that well-being sensation.”

Inês Veiga Pereira created, in 2012, the Perfect Home Interiors design studio and since then she has been developing several design projects specially created for the customers and respeting their own characteristics and demands.


Each project is planned specifically for the customer and respects their personality, their needs (and their families’), seeking to respect and use to the fullest every environment’s characteristic. Her projects are already recognized for their elegant and sophisticated contemporaneity. Fabrics’ combination, furniture design and the decorative objects all reflect timeless design with a romantic vibe, that blend in with comfort, to create a true cosmopolitan living.


Besides the follow-up given to each individual project, Inês Veiga Pereira, also designs and creates custom-made furniture where design and utility join noble materials and polished lines, following international trends and interpreting them into her own style.


Specially directed to the development of full service projects, the interior design studio counts on several professional teams which allows us to combine all the decorations elements (furniture, curtains, rugs,…), in order to blend all of them and make you at home when you open the door.

By incorporating your tastes and personality, the interior designer will embrace it throughout all the project.

Using moodboards, images and illustrations, you will be able to visualize the developed concept for your home interior design.

With a contemporary, elegant and soft aesthetic, we conjugate natural and premium materials to reach a sophisticated result that reflects both our costumers’ tastes and our signature.