Do you want to make a special Valentine’s day dinner at home but you don’t have a lot of time? Don’t worry, this super easy Valentine’s day cheese board will make an impact and only takes a few minutes. It is romantic enough to show that you care, and also super delicious. Any way, who wouldn’t feel happy to see this cheese board when you arrive at the table? Further, as it looks very beautiful, it will help you with your table decor, as you don’t need to add much, besides the cheese board itself. (see the last pictures.

cheese board for valentine's day

1st Choose the Plate for the Cheese Board

I have chosen a round cheese board or cheese tray  from Bordalo Pinheiro. As the plate itself is so lovely (check their website for other beautiful options – I also love the one with the cheese and the mice). Considering this shape I’d rather start with the round one in the middle, I have chosen camembert.

cammembert cheese and paper heart to shape on cheese board

If you have a cookie heart shaped cutter, you may use it to cut a small heart in the center of the cheese. If you don’t, just imitate what I have done, with a paper and knife, and your cheese board will look as lovely as you want for Valentine’s day. Fill the heart shape in the cheese with you favorite jam. I have used a strawberry jam, as a red color one looks good.

heart shaped strawberries on cheese board

2nd Don’t forget to add color to the cheese board

To add some color use fruit. I have added some strawberries, cutted in heart shape to keep up with Valetine’s day cheese plate theme. See the cheese plate_3 video so see how I have done it.cheese board 4


3rd think about adding texture to you cheese board with some different types of food.

Next to the strawberries add small slices of a dryer cheese you like and next to it so small cookies or toats, so that you balance the cheese plate in color and texture.

Cheese board 5 adding dryer cheese and toasts

Now it is time to make the ‘chorizo’ flowers. Use a glass and work your way round the slices of sausage, overlapping them. When you’ve gone round one of them 3-4 times, remove it and carefully turn it over on the cheese board so that it doesn’t fall apart. I have placed on in each side of the board.

cheese board 7Further, I have also added some raspberries, as they have that lovely shape themselves and we keep with the the color palette. cheese board 8Keep adding different types of toasts and cheese until you end up with a pretty cheese board, with all the spaces filled in. It is easier if you use samll pieces of cheese, fruit and toasts, as it makes it easier to keep filling the empty spaces.

Cheese board 9

Just a few minutes are enough to parere this lovely cheese board and, as I can assure you it is as tasty as beautiful. Set a nice table, with some candles and flowers and a beautiful tablecloth. You don’t need a lot because, as I told you in the beginning, this cheese board is so cute it will decorate the table by itself.

I just added some flowers and salad  and my golden cutlery which I simply adore. So to match with it a just used some gold vases with dry flowers I already add at home. It is always goos to keep some sry flowers so that you can add them so a simple, informal, table setting when you came from the office and you don’t have time to buy fresh ones. 😉

table setting with cheese board and green towel

This table is really simple and infomral, but if you are searching for ideas to prepare your party at home, you can read the blog post I have written and for inspiration for an Easter table I have also written a post about it.

What do you think? Are you willing to try?



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