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Beginning of the school year, change of cycle and reorganizing children’s rooms are worries that pile up. Many times, clients come to me asking for help to design their teenagers’ rooms. In these cases, the problem gets worse (or not) because what they had as children no longer fits and they don’t always want what their parents want. How can we solve the problem and create the ideal teenage bedroom decor?

I really enjoy decorating teenagers’ rooms. I love getting to know them and trying to analyze their personality. The role of the decorator is often to find the balance point between what they like and what fits in with the decorating style of the rest of the house (which reflects the parents’ taste). Don’t forget that I have teenagers at home and I also know that it’s easier for them to listen to outsiders, so it’s always easier for them to listen to me (the decorator knows best 🙂 ) than to the parents, because they know I know what I’m talking about, what works best or worst. So no panic.

A good way to start is to understand the colors they like, the style they prefer, what pictures they have seen and like. In this case B. wanted aqua and pink. It’s a color combination that appeals to her, and so we look for alternatives in that palette.

Another very important issue is textures. Soft but durable materials are always a must-have. Kids reject ‘stinging’ fabrics right away (sometimes it can be a 100% wool and they reject it). Look at this bed headboard from it looks so warm and comfortable (it’s not just airy, it’s really fluffy soft).

Teenagers' Room Decor tips by the Interior Designer Inês Veiga Pereira from Porto


So through the concept board, I like to show them the options and see if they approve, the colors, the textures, the patterns. Yes, the patterns. They already have their own tastes, some like florals, others are fans of geometrics, some like more discreet options, others more striking. This wallpaper, for example, was a way to introduce chevron without getting tired of it. And this ends up being my role as a decorator, to respect their tastes and make everything work.

Teenagers' Room Decor tips by the Interior Designer Inês Veiga Pereira from Porto

What is fundamental in a teenager’s room is to understand their needs. They like to listen to music, sometimes it’s the space where they are with their friends, or it’s the place where they study too. All of this must be taken into account. In B.’s room, which is of an unusual size, we were able to put everything and anything else. The living area even has a vintage sofa that was recovered with one of the chosen fabrics.  In the case of this house in Porto, there is a space dedicated to study, so there was no need for a desk in the bedroom. However, there were other situations where I had to design my own desks to make the most of the space, as in the two cases I show in these posts about kids’ rooms, teenagers’ rooms with little space and even more versatile and romantic options.

Teenagers' Room Decor tips by the Interior Designer Inês Veiga Pereira from Porto

Teenagers' Room Decor tips by the Interior Designer Inês Veiga Pereira from Porto

Everything is possible in a teenager’s room. We have to remember that they are no longer children, but have different needs than adults. Thinking about a transitional room is fundamental and if everything is thought out with time and with their involvement, they will feel much happier at home.

I hope I was able to demystify this ‘problem’ and that your children will have the room they have always dreamed of. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out the projects in my portfolio.





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